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Amicus Building Products Ltd Acquisition of Nu*Stock Ltd

March 2015 Value not disclosed

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Project Sunlight

March 2015 Value not disclosed

About the client

Amicus Building Products is the parent company of a group created from the MBI of Magden Limited and the subsequent acquisitions of Décor Cladding Centre Limited and Nu*Stock Limited. The group is a distributor of roofline plastics, internal decorative cladding and components for the insulated glass industry. Amicus Building Products is chaired by Brian Higgins, a partner at Rickitt Mitchell.

About the deal

Nu*Stock Limited was founded in 2002 by Ray Stock and grew to become a well-respected network of 6 branches across the North East and Scotland, supplying a range of roofline plastics to the building trade. Ray identified that a sale to Amicus would maintain Nu*Stock’s separate identity and workforce as part of the Amicus group, and build on the legacy he created. His son Dan remains with the business as managing director. As a result of the acquisition the enlarged Amicus group has turnover of approximately £16m with further growth forecast.

Once again Brian was able to negotiate, structure and deliver the deal including raising the funding required within a tight timeframe. This is our third deal in 18 months and underlines our ambition to create a roofline plastics focussed business of scale.

Nick Friend | Managing Director | Amicus Building Products Limited