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APS Group Investment from Business Growth Fund

December 2017 £10m

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Project Flower

December 2017 £10m

About the client

APS Group is a family owned business, founded in 1949. They operate across 6 sites across the UK. APS Group grow their produce in modern glasshouses featuring industry leading computerised environmental and nutritional control. In addition, growing sites benefit from onsite Combined Heat and Power plants, a unique Anaerobic Digestion waste management facility and ground water cooled packing facilities.

About the deal

APS secured £10m of growth funding from the Business Growth Fund which will enable it to build a new glasshouse, extend capacity at exiting sites and make further investments into industry leading, innovative technologies and automation to optimise operational efficiencies.

“The Pearson family has a passion for growing quality produce and providing a first-class service to its customers, which has served the business well for close to 70 years. We are delighted to be supporting their continued growth with this funding, backing another forward thinking and innovative family business in the UK.”

Matt Widdal | Investor Director | BGF