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Family Buy-out Team Acquisition of Anonymous Client

February 2016 £30m

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exit strategy

Project Not Disclosed

February 2016 £30m

About the client

The client wishes to preserve their confidentiality

About the deal

Rickitt Mitchell managed the fundraising and advised its client on a staged £30m buy-out by family and non-family members of the management team, passing control of the business to the younger generation whilst retaining the existing managing director with a significant equity stake. The deal provides the family with a meaningful de-risking through cashing out a large part of the older generation’s shares, while retaining the business in the family. No external equity funder was involved but sufficient headroom was left in the business’s finances to ensure that it can continue to grow without financial constraint

"A very sincere thank you for your hard work and dedication during the last few months to enable us to get the project over the line. Very best wishes to you all and thanks once again from all of the directors."

Managing Director, Client