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Hall Fire Protection Sold to MBO Team

March 2010 £6m

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exit strategy

Project Rain

March 2010 £6m

About the client

Hall Fire Protection is an established business offering independent fire suppression engineering services to a wide range of customers, covering design, fabrication and installation. Previously a 3i investee business, Hall Fire Protection was an owner managed business.

About the deal

Rickitt Mitchell advised the shareholder on the sale of his company to a management buyout team and project managed the transaction through to a successful completion. Competing bids were sourced to ensure a fair price was achieved, with the vendor choosing not to take a higher bid in order to honour his commitment to his team.

“Using a structured deal with vendor loan notes and retained equity enabled the management team to take majority ownership without recourse to an external equity provider.”

Brian Higgins | Partner | Rickitt Mitchell