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MBO Team Acquisition of Acal Supply Chain Limited

December 2012 £2m

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Project Parts

December 2012 £2m

About the client

Acal Supply Chain Limited supplies a full range of high quality new and refurbished computer parts to IT maintenance companies and provides logistics support including planning, supply, returns and repairs.

The company was a subsidiary of Acal plc, a listed supplier of specialist technologies. Rickitt Mitchell acted for a MBO team of George Buchan, Rob Hall, Mark Hesketh and Jonathan King.

About the deal

Working with management, Rickitt Mitchell negotiated a deal to acquire the business by purchasing the shares of Acal Supply Chain Limited, getting £9.4m of gross assets for an initial payment of £2m. A credit facility of £4.75m was raised for the acquisition and on-going working capital.

"Brian’s guidance and insight into the dynamics of a transaction, and in particular around delivering the funding, were essential to getting the deal agreed. He was able to sit between us and the plc, maintaining a good relationship whilst still taking a hard line when required."

Mark Hesketh | Finance Director