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Preparing for an IPO – Neil Mitchell

Preparing for an IPO – Neil Mitchell

As Initial Public Offering’s (IPO) have spiked over the past few years, Rickitt Mitchell partner Neil Mitchell spoke with Real Deals reporter Samantha Birchall, sharing his tips on how a business can best to prepare and adapt.

Neil Mitchell, partner at Rickitt Mitchell, said: “When we work with companies to IPO we will ideally start preparing at least a year ahead. All the way through this process, you need to be able to keep investors informed of the strategic objectives and make sure that the management team is there to deliver on it. The better you do that, the better the share price and valuation you will achieve.”

“You will probably see a few new faces around the board table too and they will be key in the company’s strategy so they need to be brought into the loop early on and not left to the end. Going through an IPO is a huge change for staff, you are suddenly very visible on the stock market and it can feel like a new world, so it’s important that the strategy is communicated throughout the whole business.”

You can read the full article on Real Deals here: https://realdeals.eu.com/article/gp-workshop-how-to-successfully-prepare-a-business-for-ipo

Read more on Neil’s 2021 predictions for the IPO market: https://www.rickittmitchell.com/the-ipo-market-the-year-ahead/

— Real Deals - GP Workshop: How to successfully prepare a business for IPO

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