Rickitt Mitchell attend M&A Worldwide Conference in Budapest

As the exclusive UK member of M&A Worldwide, Rickitt Mitchell, were represented in Budapest by Neil Mitchell and Joe Powell.

As always the conference was a great opportunity to catch up with over 90 of our international partners.

Rickitt Mitchell attend M&A Worldwide Conference in Budapest

During the convention, a panel of members from M&A Worldwide discussed the future of M&A and how AI and automation will impact the role of the M&A Advisor over the next 5-10 years. The panel were joined by guest speaker Arthur Keleti, Cyber-Secret Futurist, who is widely repsected around the world as an expert on cyber security and a visionary in his field.  Arthur shared his views on the power of AI and the need to embrace it as part of any industry, including M&A.  There were interesting discussions about how the use of AI could drive efficiencies in deal sourcing, by assisting in identifying potential target acquisitions and their strategic fit. We have already seen that this type of technology is starting to be implemented in the financial databases we use, providing users with valuable insight into potential acquisitions and investments.

It was exciting and thought provoking to talk about how over the next few years we might be able to use AI to streamline processes for data analysis, contract review, financial modelling and due diligence. Post deal integration could also be hugely improved by utilising AI to analyse the systems and processes of both companies and identifying efficiencies.  An innovative blueprint could then be implemented for an effective integration plan enabling the organisational structure and business processes of both companies to be aligned and the internal complexity to be reduced. Certainly an interesting discussion that gave us lots to think about to ensure we do not fall behind in the adoption of AI.

This was followed swiftly by a session on the softer skills of effective communication with all stakeholders on M&A transactions, which thankfully still sit within the realms of human interaction!

Rickitt Mitchell attend M&A Worldwide Conference in Budapest

Overall, it was pleasing to hear the success achieved across the M&A Worldwide partner group during 2022, with total deal value up 36% in 2022 at a total deal value of €13bn, this was despite a 10% decrease in the number of deals to 510, giving an average deal size of €26m. 

Through our M&A Worldwide partners, we are connected to thousands of CEO's, CFO's and PE investors across 36 countries around the globe. Each market has its own key dynamics, leading players and core value drivers. The close relationships we have built with our international colleagues, allow us to quickly and easily access this local expertise to ensure our clients acheive best value and outcome.

We are already looking forward to meeting our international colleagues at the next M&A Worldwide Conference, which will be held in Dublin in November 2023.